Since 1918, the Army has had a school to train civilian ministers to serve as Army chaplains. Since that time, the U.S. Army Chaplain School has been located on 14 different posts, the current being Fort Jackson, SC.

The Navy first began officially training ministers for naval chaplain service in 1942. It had three homes (Naval Station Norfolk, College of William and Mary and Naval Training Station Newport) until becoming part of the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center at Fort Jackson, SC.

The Air Force began training their own chaplains in 1953 at Lackland Air Force Base, TX. In 1966 their chaplain school moved to Maxwell Air Force Base, AL. It is currently located alongside the Navy and Army chaplain schools at Fort Jackson, SC.

To see pictures at each location, hover over the “Schools” tab, then scroll down to Army, Navy or Air Force, then down to the specific post.



The new building of the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center just days before its dedication 6 May 2010.



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