Here are books from my library and other sources pertaining to the chaplaincy. In some cases, I’ll have links to e-books or if copyright allows I’ll post pdf files of books here. Knowing what’s out there will help with research on particular topics…

Look below for links to the various sections.

Chaplain Willard James
The recreation hall at the chaplain school has a small library of books donated by interested persons in Indianapolis. Here, Chaplain Willard James chooses a book on religion. U.S. Army chaplain school, Fort Benjamin Harrison, April 1942 (Library of Congress).

First, here is the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School Commandants Reading list, May 2014

Library Sections:

Books of Worship

Bibles, Prayer & Devotional Books

Regulations, Training Manuals & Circulars, Field Manuals, Pamphlets, Etc.

Chaplaincy History

Books by & about Chaplains

Chaplains in the Movies

Chaplains in Music

Other Resources



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