Korean War


“(Sept. 8) ON GUARD DUTY FOR THE LORD-This U.S. gun crew places its trust in the Lord but not the enemy as Pvt. James McCadney, Long Island City, N.Y., stands guard over remote outpost on Korean front while chaplain, Lt. Col. John A. Deveaux, Jacksonville, Fla., conducts church service. Reading religious books are Pfc. O. B. Williams (left), Montgomery, Ala., and Pfc. Archie McEachin, Washington, D.C…50” (author’s collection).


“Chaplain (Captain) Emil Kapaun conducts a Field Mass on the hood of his jeep in Korea, 11 August 1950. It was common practice for Kapaun to travel to the front lines to conduct religious services and offer care and comfort to Soldiers.”

Emil Kapaun-1950

“Chaplain (Captain) Emil Kapaun celebrating Mass during the Korean War using the hood of a Jeep as his altar, 7 October 1950. Less than a month later, Kapaun would, without regard for his own life, save a fellow Soldier from certain death.”

Chaplain Riddle Conducts Thanksgiving Day Services 23Nov50

Chaplain Riddle Conducts Thanksgiving Day Services 23 Nov 50


Korean-Chaplain Fr Leo P Craig OP

Chaplain Leo Peter Craig, O.P. (1913-1951), was killed while serving as an Army Chaplain in Korea. In this picture, taken moments before his death, Chaplain Craig is seen anointing a soldier who had been severely injured by a land mine.

Korean-Chaplain Hinkledey

Protestant choir- ANC’s, MP’s, and engineers, chaplain 1Lt Hinkledey (Lutheran), 11th Evacuation Hospital, Wonju, Korea 1951-52.


“Receiving instructions from Chaplain A. D. Prickett, USN, prior to being baptized in the Imjin River, Korea, circa April 1951. Left to right: Marine CPL Edward F. Quackenbush, Franklin Square, NY, and Marine PFC Thomas K. McElroy, Lansing, MI. All are members of the First Marine Division. Chaplain Prickett is the Assistant Division Chaplain.”

Chaplain Dennis Murphy-Okinawa-1951

“65th AAA Batallion soldiers attend Mass by Chaplain Dennis Murphy who is using the hood of an M38 jeep as an altar, Bolo Point, Okinawa, Japan, 19 July 1951.”


Korean War Chaplain

Unidentified Protestant chaplain leading a worship service in Korea in 1952.


Chaplain (Captain) John A. Lindvall of Stamford, Conn., 160th Regiment, 40th U.S. Infantry Division (standing center with book), leads members of the regiment in singing during religious services held in the field. He is assisted by Cpl. Doyle W. Sullens of Victoria, Mo., organist and Bobby D. Conner (standing at tree), chaplain assistants, both of Headquarters and Headquarters Co., 160th Regt., 40th Division – January 27, 1952.

Korean War UNATS Wounded

PFC Hurbert ‘ Murdoch, of 360 East 151st St. Bronx, New York, assistant to Chaplain Antonellis, does his part in helping the wounded as he holds plasma bottle (standing left) on Sept. 25, 1952 at “Kelly Hill” Korean. Kneeling, holding tape is Lt. Fouchs and at right (wearing helmet) is Chaplain Antonellis. (AP Photo)

Army chaplain Korean War

An Army chaplain (foreground) gives comfort to a wounded GI while medical corpsmen go about their business of taking care of other wounded at an aid station near Triangle Hill in Korea where these troops were hit on Oct. 19, 1952. (AP Photo/ Fred Waters)


“A painting depicting Christ, The Prince of Peace, consoling a battle-weary Marine, provides an appropriate background in the Korean tent, Dec. 15, 1952 where Lt. Karl Ernst leads First Division leathernecks in prayer. The painting was executed by one of the marines in the outfit. Lt. Ernst, a Protestant navy chaplain, is from McLean, Texas.”

Korean War Chaplain

A chaplain hold services for UN troops on the western front.

Chaplain Hargraves

Chaplain Walter Hargraves conducting services at E Company
He was interrupted by incoming Chinese fire on OP 12
(Photo: Frank Vanderbilt)

19th BCT Chorwon

“Solace in the face of death. At the foot of a sand bagged altar, the Roman Catholic men of PEFTOK attend mass at the country of Chorwon in North Korea before committing themselves to battle in the Korean War.”

Korean War Chaplain with Korean child

A military chaplain holds a young child in this photo taken by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) during the 1950-53 Korean War.


“In 1951, Lieutenant James E. Norton, CHC, is hoisted onto an awaiting H-03C after holding Sunday morning Catholic services aboard the cruiser USS Newport News (CA-148), a ship designed before rotary-wing aircraft came into common use” (picture from the Hampton Roads Naval Museum website).


“On May 7, 1952, Lieutenant August F. Mendonsa, CHC, USNR, assisted by Corporal Alvin J. McGee, USMC, sets up an altar on sand bags in preparation for mass at the front lines in Korea. (U.S. Navy Photo by Aviation Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class H.W.H. Aring” photo from the Hampton Roads Naval Museum website).


“Lieutenant August F. Mendonsa, CHC, USNR, conducts a Communion Service for a company of Marines posted on the front lines in Korea. It is likely that Mendonsa’s field altar case is at the lower left of the frame. (U.S. Navy Photo by Aviation Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class H.W.H. Aring” from the Hampton Roads Naval Museum website).


Chaplain Emanuel Carlsen, Korea-1950

“(SE13-SEPT.5) FRONT LINE SERVICES-Capt. Emanuel Carlsen, Cliffside Park, N.J., chaplain of the 1st Cavalry Division’s 7th Regiment, holds church services for GI’s within sight of the front lines in Korea. Smoke rises from burning town (upper right) at end of road in background. (U.S. Army Photo via AP Wire photo)(jdc3103Ousa) 1950” (author’s collection).




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