Chaplain George Warnie Foshee

A Good and Faithful Servant

Written by his daughter, Denise Foshee Krisinger


Chaplain George Warnie Foshee U.S. Army Chaplain George Warnie Foshee was transferred from US Army Fort Benning, GA to Vietnam in February of 1963. He was assigned to the MAAG (Military Assistance Advisory Group) in Hue, South Vietnam, and remained there for his 14 month duty assignment. While there as an adviser, he actively worked with/supported other organizations to include a Vietnamese Protestant church called Tin Lanh, and a group of language missionaries from CMA, an organization that worked like the Peace Corps. He also supported a Vietnamese orphanage. His leisure time included hunting tiger and water buffalo——he carried a gun most of the time.

After his tour in Vietnam, he continued to serve as a Chaplain with tours at Dyess AFB, TX; Ft Polk, LA; Chaplain’s School at Ft Hamilton, NYC; Ft. Davis, Panama Canal Zone; and Ft. Carson, CO. He retired from the Army as a Colonel at Ft Carson in 1973.

Chaplain George Warnie Foshee After his wife died in 1983, George became an interim pastor for the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, working in Germany. He also served in Mali (Africa) as a distributor of grain during the drought period and famine of the 1980s. George was always willing to volunteer–especially if the volunteering included travel. His friends and family called him ‘Gypsy George.’ Chaplain (Col.) Foshee gave his last sermon in 2009 and passed away in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in April of 2010, at the age of 86. He was a “good and faithful servant.”




This post was written by Denise Foshee Krisinger and found at the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Facebook page (17 Jul 14).

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