Beyond Belief- True Stories of Military Chaplains that Defy Comprehension

Just released by Hero Books Publishing on Veteran’s Day 2021! “In Beyond Belief-True Stories of Military Chaplains that Defy Comprehension … you will find stories of heroism by U.S. Military Chaplains from the American Revolution through the more recent wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Some of these chaplains were heroic Prisoners of War, some were ordinary men of God who went above and beyond to encourage and comfort the fearful and the wounded, and to pray with and stay with the dying on the battlefield. Their stories not only inspire, but teach important lessons in brotherhood. Despite their differences in faith and denomination, each served and ministered inclusively, focusing not on their differences, but on what they all had in common: service to the same Heavenly Father, dedication to others, and uncommon courage in trying times” (From the back cover). 277 pages, 27 chapters including an appendix of highly decorated chaplains. Because of a special arrangement with the publisher, we can offer this book for the special price of $12 + $4 for media mail shipping & handling when ordered through The Chaplain Kit. (U.S. addresses only)



The Army Builds Chapels

The original booklet, “The Army Builds Chapels” from early 1942, about the building and dedication of the first chapel in the cantonment chapel building program, was assembled by the Office of the Chief of Chaplains at the time, in limited numbers. Very few survive to this day, making the reprinting of this original booklet important for the preservation of Chaplain Corps history. As much as possible, this reprinted edition closely resembles the original. The main differences being the binding; the removal of the descriptive pages which preceded each photo (moving the data from those pages to the bottom of each photo); and using both sides of the pages when the original was single-sided. This reprinted edition was assembled and published by The Chaplain Kit in fulfillment of its mission to gather, preserve and share chaplain history. Price includes Priority Mail shipping to U.S. only.


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