Chaplain Assistant Photos

Pictures of Chaplain Assistants from throughout history.


Calvin Titus

Calvin Titus, Chaplain Assistant and MoH winner for service during Boxer Rebellion.

Joseph Jedrysik

Private Joseph Jedrysik

PFC Joseph Nelles

“Private First Class Joseph Nelles, 17th Air Base Group chaplain assistant, was killed Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941, while preparing the altar for Catholic Mass. (Photo – PACAF History Office)”


“(FX1-May 30) LEW AYRES AT WAKDE–Among the invading troops when the Yanks stormed and captured Wakde Island, Dutch New Guinea, was Lew Ayres (above), former movie star and conscientious objector, now a private and Chaplain’s Assistant. Ayres recently announced he planned to take up religious work after the war… 1944” (author’s collection).

Chaplain Assistants

Chaplain Assistants doing administrative work, circa 1960s-70s

PFC Daryl Densford

PFC Daryl Densford during field exercises at Chaplain Assistant Training, Fort Monmouth, NJ, 1988 (author’s collection).

Johnny Proctor

Chaplain Stone (left) with his Chaplain Assistant, PFC Johnny Proctor, Haiti, 1994 (photo courtesy Johnny Proctor).


Chaplain Isaiah Gillette (left) with SPC Se Park, his Chaplain Assistant at Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site ca. 1995. SPC Park later became a chaplain and retired in 2018 (photo courtesy Chaplain Gillette).

Johnny Proctor Chaplain Martin

Chaplain Assistant, SFC Johnny Proctor (left) with Chaplain Martin in Area 1 of the Republic of Korea, 1999 or 2000 (photo courtesy Johnny Proctor).

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