Current Issue

Current Issue

Current Issue Chaplain Kits

The current kit is the lightest and most portable to date. It comes in two nylon cases, though I combined mine into one case for ease of transport (a 200-round SAW pouch, for those interested). It comes with everything necessary to perform a worship service with the celebration of Communion.


As the uniform camouflage patterns have changed, so have the patterns on the chaplain kit carriers. Also, there are patterns to match the camouflage pattern of the different services. Here are a few of the patterns:

Chaplain Kit carrier

The earliest of this style was a solid green (author’s collection).

War in the desert created the need for the desert camouflage pattern (author’s collection).

Woodland pattern (author’s collection).


The Universal Camouflage Pattern (UPC) or Army Combat Uniform Pattern (ACUPAT) was the most recent pattern the Army used (author’s collection).

For the Air Force, there is the Digital Tiger Stripe Camouflage pattern (author’s collection).

The cases come with foam inserts with cut-outs for the pieces of the kit



Above is the current issue chaplain kit in the Woodland Camouflage pattern. Notice the cross is Protestant and Catholic (author’s collection).


Catholic Ministry Extender Kit

.Above is a Ministry Extender kit for Roman Catholics. Designed for non-priests to lead Catholic worship (author’s collection).



Above is the current issue Jewish Chaplain Kit though, as noted, the cases will change pattern with the uniforms (author’s collection).



.Above is the current issue Muslim kit which includes a compass to find the direction to Mecca, a special watch for reminders of the five time to pray and the other essential elements for the Muslim Chaplain (author’s collection).



Army Chap Kit-Orthodox

Current Issue Orthodox Chaplain Kit (photo origin unknown)



There currently is not an official Buddhist Chaplain Kit available from Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) or any of the services that I have discovered. However, Chaplain (CPT) Christopher Mohr, an Army Buddhist Chaplain, has developed one by gathering pieces and parts of essential and desired items, suitable for Buddhist Chaplains or even Buddhist adherents. Here are pictures of the Buddhist kit he has assembled, interestingly while serving in Kuwait (photos courtesy of Chaplain Christopher Mohr):




To date, I have not found any issued or assembled Hindu Chaplain Kits. If you have seen one, or know what one may be like, please contact The Chaplain Kit.

To assemble a common Hindu Chaplain Kit seems to be a difficult task. Hinduism has many different festivals and occasions for worship with one website offering 28 different civilian puja (worship) kits for various celebrations, festivals and occasions for worship. Many of the contents used regularly in puja are perishable adding another logistical difficulty to providing specific kits for Hindu chaplains. It seems that perhaps it would be necessary to provide seasonal kits for particular seasons, similar to Kosher and Halal MREs provided for Jewish and Muslim Service Members. Below left is an example of a kit advertised as a “Daily Pujan Kit” (photo from the Kamiya Sindoor website). Below right is a Puja Kit which includes brass pieces that could be part of a permanent Hindu Kit for a chaplain (photo from the website):

Daily Pujan Kit







  1. Andres Redondo

    Do you know where I can get a hold of a Protestant Chaplain Kit? I’m asking for a friend of mine for his ministry. We are both former Army Soldiers although I am a retired Supply Sergeant and he was a Chaplain’s Assistant. Thank you.


    • Andres: They sometimes come up for auction on Ebay or other auction sites. Occasionally you see them in antique/collectible stores but by chance. The current ones can be purchased by military units through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Sometimes you also find them on militaria forums in a “for sale or trade” page. The current kits don’t come up for sale as often, since their often still being used. The Vietnam-era kit is more frequently available. -Daryl


  2. I am a chaplain in a state defense force. How do I get a Jewish chaplain’s kit?


  3. Timoteo Saldaña Honesto

    Can a non-military purchase just the empty case?


  4. I’m a neo-pagan (“aka” witch) are there any kits for us?


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