The Imperial Navy


Sunday religious service by Lutheran chaplain on board ship from Deutschlands Ehr im Weltenmeer (Germany’s Honour on the World’s Oceans) by Vice-Admiral von Werner, 1902.


World War I

Bavarian Chaplain

Bavarian Chaplain, WW1


German Chaplain 1916

German chaplain, WW1 (1916).


German Chaplain on horse

German Chaplain on horseback, WW1

Field Rabbi Dr. Aaron Tänzer

Field Rabbi Dr. Aaron Tänzer during World War I, with the ribbon of the Iron Cross.[32] The brassard of the red cross shows him as noncombatant. He wears the Star of David as insignium.

WW1 German Catholic Chaplain

WW1 German Catholic Chaplain


World War II

Nazi Chaplain

This undated photo shows a German chaplain exiting what appears to be a building used for an HQ. Notice he’s wearing a cross around his neck (author’s collection).


WW2 German Chief of Chaplain

LT. Col. Crane, right, Chaplain of the 4th Armored Division, 3rd U.S. Army, talks with the Chief of Chaplains of the German Army, near Regen, Germany.” 6 May 1945 (U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo, PFC I. P. Margerum).


Fort Custer, MI Chapel

“German Chaplains at Fort Custer POW Camp. Few prisoners go to church , but Catholic and Protestant are included” 10 May 1945. (Author’s collection)


WW2 German POW Funeral Service

“Detroit 11/5/45…German Prisoners of War attending Catholic services for 7 of the 16 PW’s who were killed in a train accident near Adrian Mich. Thursday…The 16 were buried with full military honors at Fort Custer Saturday ..The priest conducting the services at the chapel, Father O. Eckert, also is a prisoner of war…..” (author’s collection)


WW2 German Field Altar

German Chaplain with Field Altar, WW2.


German Field Service

German Field Service, WW2


Wehrmacht Chaplain

German Wehrmacht Chaplain at Religious Service, WW2


WW2 German Chaplain Field Altar

Field altar being set up for German worship service, WW2. The chaplain can be seen left-middle. Soldier in front of altar some sort of “Chaplain Assistant” perhaps?


WW2 German Chaplain Worship Service

German chaplain leading worship service at interesting location, WW2.


WW2 German Chaplain leading worship service

German Chaplain leading worship service with military and civilians present, WW2.

WW2 German Kriegsmarine Chaplain

WW2 German Kriegsmarine Chaplain

German Christian Field Service

Kality/Opr. 2.6.41 Feldgottesdienst für deutsche Soldaten; der Feldgeistliche erteilt den Segen Bildberichter Henisch; Prop. Kp. 612 Nr. 15/1981 (German Christian Field Service for German Soldiers during WWII, the army chaplain gives segen to the German troops with “God with us” on their paddock.)

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