Independent Training Modules

TCK-Chaplain-EducationThis section contains training modules produced or acquired by The Chaplain Kit. These modules are not intended to be equivalent to college or seminary level classes or to replace courses or training provided by seminaries in preparation for ministry or by Chaplain Schools in preparation for chaplaincy. They are intended to fill the gaps left after seminary and Chaplain School education and/or to serve as a refresher for courses or training already received.

The presence of these training modules is not meant to suggest that seminaries and the Chaplains Schools are failing in their mission to train ministers and chaplains, but rather is an acknowledgement that not every conceivable topic can be covered by every seminary in a 72+ hour degree or by the Chaplain Schools in the short time that they have to train new chaplains.

The training modules found on this website are copyrighted by The Chaplain Kit. Using them for chaplain training by supervisory chaplains for the benefit of their chaplain teams is encouraged, however please let The Chaplain Kit know which modules are being used and the approximate number of people in each presentation group by emailing

If there are topics of particular interest, suggestions for improvement, or if you have training modules that you would be willing to share to a wider audience to help further develop military chaplains, please send an email to Daryl at

To access the training modules, place your cursor over the “EDU” tab, then over “Independent Training Modules,” then select a topic from the drop-down menu that is revealed. For each topic, there will usually be a reading assignment (either provided or recommended), PowerPoint slides and a video.




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