Scroll your mouse pointer over the “Chapels” tab then click on the war era you would like to view.

You’ll find the pictures in alphabetical order according to the name of the post, camp, fort, base, etc., they were on at the time the pictures were taken, which may be a name that is no longer used, for example, Fort Lewis instead of Joint Base Lewis McChord.

  1. Many years ago, when I was an “Army brat,” I lived for a brief couple of years on post at Fort Lawton, on Magnolia Bluff in Seattle. There were three beautiful little chapels — Chapel in the Pines, Chapel on the Hill and Chapel by the Sea — one protestant, one Catholic and one Jewish. At one time or another, I attended services at all three, and I remember each one fondly. When the post was closed, it became Discovery Park and, for at least a time, the former parade ground and officers’ quarters, as well as a few of the other buildings, remained in place. I don’t know about the chapels. It would be a shame if they are all gone!


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