World War 1



WW1 Chaplain Charles M. Ashmore (left), 353rd Infantry.

Chaplain William W. Brander

Early 1900s photo of Chaplain William W. Brander of the 8th Cavalry (photo from Ebay listing).

Chaplain Julius J. Babst

Chaplain Julius J. Babst, 23rd Infantry Regiment, France (Photo from the Archival Collection of the Naper Settlement, Naperville, IL).

Chaplain Julius J. Babst

Chaplain Julius J. Babst, 23rd Infantry Regiment, France (Photo from the Archival Collection of the Naper Settlement, Naperville, IL).

Chaplain Hayes Farish

Inaugural regimental services of the “Black Devils”, 814th Pioneer Infantry, Chaplain Hayes Farish officiating, Sunday, Sept. 29th, 1918, Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Ky (Library of Congress).

Chaplain AL Girard-WW1-printed 1920

Chaplain A. L. Girard, 108th Sanitary Train, 33d Div., administering holy communion to men of his organization. The service took place in a shell wrecked church in the wake of the retreating Germans. Father Girard is curate at the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, Chicago.

Chaplain Lyman Rollins

Chaplain Lyman Rollins,101st Infantry, administers communion in the Patheon Cave near the Chemin des Dames, France, Feb. 20, 1918. Chaplain Rollins is now rector of St. Michael’s Protestant Episcopal Church, Marblehead, Mass. (1920)

Chaplain Duffy

Military chaplain Francis P. Duffy (1871 – 1932) of the ‘Fighting 69th’ New York Regiment performs a funeral for an American soldier in France during World War I, July 1918.

Chaplain Clinch

Chaplain N.B. Clinch, senior chaplain of the 129th Infantry Regiment, 33 Division, the Illinois National Guard Division. Photo taken at Cousenvoye, Meuse, France Oct. 12, 1918.


WW1 Chaplain & Assistant

A World War 1 Chaplain and Chaplain assistant beside their vehicle (photo from U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Facebook page).


WW1 Catholic Chaplain

WW1 Roman Catholic Chaplain


Religious Services at Great Lakes Naval Station

U.S. Naval Station, Great Lakes, Illinois. Sailors at outdoor religious services and Chaplain Frank Thompson talking to sailor, 1917 (author’s collection).

Chaplain Lorenz

WW1- Chaplain Lorenz, 52nd Infantry Regiment, 6th Division. U.S. Signal Corps photo.



Chaplain Francis Duffy performs an American soldier’s burial Mass in France in 1918. The remains of some World War I troops were buried several times—first in battlefield graves, then in U.S. cemeteries in Europe, and finally in the States.


Chaplain, Camp Hancock

Unidentified chaplain at Camp Hancock, Georgia, WW1 era.


  1. My grandfather, C.A. Long, was a chaplain from the USA. He served with the 30th Infantry Division, a unit of the Army National Guard: the Old Hickory Division. I still have a bunch of letters he wrote back to my grandmother, from France. He was nearly deaf because of his exposure to prolonged artillery fire. I have some of his possessions, including his helmet, which has a hole in it from flying metal. It was stopped by the leather strap.

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  2. LTC (ret.) Sion H. Harrington III

    The North Carolina National Guard Museum at NCNG HQ in Raleigh, NC would, I’m sure, be interested in having copies of your Grandfather’s letters for their collection. Would this be something you might be willing to consider?

    With best wishes,

    LTC (Ret.) Sion H. Harrington III


  3. I am trying to send a picture of the “New England Chaplains” aboard a ship bound for France. Its a group photo that includes their names. He was Rev. Allen Evans.
    Don’t know how to use your blog site, or what a Kit is, so I hope this reaches you. We also have my grandfathers helmit and maybe some other items, including some cartoons drawn by one of his friends while in the trenches.
    I would like information you may have on his service.


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