Canadian Chaplain Worship Service

“CONDUCTING SERVICE. A scene in the chapel as Capt. Coll conducts mid-week communion service. Note the military decoration on his robe. (8/22/41)” (author’s collection).



“A chaplain with a Canadian nurse evacuate a wounded soldier using a Canadian Army medical jeep (Willys MB or Ford GPW), Caen, France, 15 July 1944.”



H/Captain Robert Seaborn, Chaplain of the 1st Battalion, The Canadian Scottish Regiment, giving absolution to an unidentified soldier of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division near Caen, France, 15 July 1944.


Chaplain Callum Thompson

“Chaplain-Captain Callum Thompson, a Canadian chaplain, conducting a funeral service in the Normandy bridgehead, France, 16 July 1944”



Canadian altar during occupation of Germany, Aurich, in north west Germany ca. 1945 (author’s collection).


“Aurich, N.W. Germany. H/Capt. John H. Dicker of the 4th/Royal Winnipeg Rifle Regiment, outside the part of the ex-German Naval Barracks used as our officers’  mess. Taken on a Sunday about September (?) 1945” (author’s collection).


Group of Canadian Soldiers, including several chaplains, Aurich, north west Germany, ca. 1945 (author’s collection).


Canada-Chaplain-John Dicker-1951-1

“Mayerthorpe, Alberta. Party present for dedication of service men’s plot in cemetery, May 8th 1951, 8:oo PM, Rev. J. H. Dicker – Padre (author’s collection).


Op Archer chaplains

“Religious services were conducted on 24 April 2006 by Canadian Armed Forces chaplains of the Protestant, Catholic and Muslim faiths for four soldiers, Lieutenant William Turner, Corporal Matthew Dinning, Bombardier Myles Mansell and Corporal Randy Payne, who died when their G-wagon struck an improvised explosive device during a patrol north of Kandahar City.” (Photo from this website“)


Chaplain Captain Ray Smith, deployed to Nepal as part of the Disaster Assistance Response Team, April 2015. Chaplain Smith is endorsed by The Wesleyan Church.

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