Vietnam War

Vietnam chaplain baptism

Unidentified Protestant chaplain baptizing Soldiers in Vietnam.

Chaplain Nathan Landman

Text on back of photograph: Chaplain Nathan Landman, Air Force Jewish Chaplain for France, Spain, and Libya, examines the traditional Shofar (ram’s horn) and other High Holy Day religious equipment prior to taking off from Evreux-Fauville Air Base to Tripoli, Libya on the first leg of a 3,000 mile circuit in which he conducted eight services at five bases before returning to Evreux for Yom Kippur. Chaplain Services Specialist M. David Cohen of Everett, Massachusetts, holds the Chaplain’s kit. Left, Chaplain Nathan M. Landman, Los Angeles and New York. Right, Chaplain Service Specialist, Airman 2 Class, Mordecai David Cohen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Cohen, Everett, Massachusetts. Photo taken 2 September 1964.

Chaplain John O'Conner

Chaplain CDR John J. O’Conner, U.S. Navy, offers Mass in Da Nang, 24 March 1965.


Chaplain Lt. John F. Walker leads a worship service for Marines in Da Nang, 29 March 1965.

Chaplain John Walker

Chaplain Lt. John F. Walker leads a worship service for Marines in Da Nang, 29 March 1965.

Chaplains go Mobile

“In the shadow of the guns, a chaplain celebrates mass with a [newly developed] combat kit and improvised altar” (photo by SP4 Jacob S. Hawes, “Soldiers” magazine, June 1971, (author’s collection).

Chaplain Charles Watters-Worship

Chaplain (MAJ) Charles Watters conducting worship in Vietnam. Watters later died in the battle for Hill 875 at Dak To on November 19, 1967 (photo from U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Facebook page)

Vietnam Chaplain Bischoff

“(NY7-April 13)-GOOD FRIDAY IN LANG VEI–Celebrating a Good Friday mass in the burnt-out remains of the Lang Vei Special Forces camp near Khe Sanh in South Vietnam is Capt. Jerome Bischoff, left, of Portland, Ore. Bischoff is the Catholic chaplain for the 1st Air Cavalry troops now re-occupying the camp which was overrun by North Vietnamese troops in fierce fighting last February. (AP Wirephoto by radio from Saigon)(sds70700PM/1968” (author’s collection).

Vietnam Chaplain Carter Tucker

“(NY3-March 5) TESTAMENT OF HIS PROFESSION–Chaplain Capt. Carter Tucker of Monticello, Ark., carried the New Testament in this fashion to prevent it from getting sweaty or wet as he accompanied U.S. infantrymen in War Zone C. The chaplain was with the U.S. 25th Infantry Division on Operation Junction City in South Vietnam near the Cambodian border last week. (AP Wirephoto) (pr10938str) 1967” (author’s collection).

Vietnam Chaplain, 1st ID, 1968

1st ID chaplain providing worship at a remote base camp in Vietnam in 1968 (photo by Steven Burchik).


Chaplain Ralph Wensley Vietnam

“6 April 1969 VIETNAM EASTER–While some of their buddies stand guard in the watchtower (rear) Marines on Hill 119 near Da Nang attend an Easter service celebrated by Chaplain Ralph Wensley on an altar improvised from ammunition boxes. Chaplain Wensley is from Silver City, New Mexico. (AP Wirephoto via radio from Saigon)” (author’s collection).


Chaplain Merle D. Brown

21 October 1970-Chaplain (CPT) Merle D Brown. He was later the last chaplain casualty in the Vietnam War when the helicopter he was on crashed in the Quang Ngai province on Easter Sunday 1971.


Chaplain LT Bradford Lovejoy, 2nd BN, 7th Marine Regiment, holds Easter service on Hill 502.

Chaplain Michael J Quealy

Illustration by William S. Smith which appeared with an article by Thomas J. Fleming in “The National Newspaper Magazine,” 26 March 1967. The article told about the death of Chaplain Michael J. Quealy, the 5th chaplain to die in the Vietnam War on 8 November 1966.


  1. Stanley Wallen

    We are trying to reach the army chaplain who notified Stanley Wallen during Vietnam December 1971 , when his father passed away


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