Because the television series “M*A*S*H” has a chaplain as a prominent character which appears in many of the episodes (213 of the 251), it has been placed here as a separate page. Scene appearances when the chaplain is only in the background or doesn’t have a significant part will not be cited.


MASH (1972-1983, Korean War)


From MASH, Season 1, Episode 10, “I Hate a Mystery.”

“The Pilot Episode” (Season 1) (00:18) Chaplain seen napping in front of office, slightly wakes to wave away bug which changes into making the sign of the cross.

“The Pilot Episode” (Season 1) (02:57) Chaplain seen circulating in OR

“The Pilot Episode” (Season 1) (03:40) Chaplain called by Dr in OR to assist with patient condition

“Requiem for a Lightweight” (Season 1) (12:22) Chaplain engaging in light conversation about prayer (and boxer not having one)

“Requiem for a Lightweight” (Season 1) (19:15) Chaplain refereeing boxing match

“Cowboy” (Season 1) (02:19) In OR, catholic chaplain prays Jewish prayer for Jewish Soldier

“Cowboy” (Season 1) (15:15) Chaplain delivering mail in the patient ward

“Henry, Please Come Home” (Season 1) (01:17) Chaplain circulating in OR

“Henry, Please Come Home” (Season 1) (01:30) Chaplain caring for surgeon in OR

“I Hate a Mystery” (Season 1) (15:30) Chaplain counsels Hawkeye in the chaplain’s tent

“I Hate a Mystery” (Season 1) (18:15) Chaplain with Majors Burns & Houlihan having Bible study in the chaplain’s tent (continued in the Mess Tent at 24:40).

“Dear Dad” (Season 1) (01:30) Chaplain in OR reading Scripture over patient.

“Dear Dad” (Season 1) (02:55) Chaplain setting up manger scene outside of Mess Tent.

“Dear Dad” (Season 1) (04:54) Chaplain in Mess Tent decorating Christmas tree.

“Dear Dad” (Season 1) (10:30-14:40) While writing a letter home, Hawkeye tells about the work of the chaplain on a particular day when he intervened in a fight between Major Burns and Klinger.

“Sometimes You Hear the Bullet” (Season 1) (11:50) Chaplain comes into the OR out of breath, and says he ran all the way from the chapel. He went on to discuss with Hawkeye the type of prayers needed for the Soldiers on the operating tables.

“Sometimes You Hear The Bullet” (Season 1) (20:30) LTC Blake calls for the chaplain when a Soldier on the operating table dies (the chaplain never comes into view, though).

“The Longjohn Flap” (Season 1) (18:00) After stealing long underwear in the cold Korean winter, Klinger asks the chaplain for advice.

“Dear Dad…Again” (Season 1) (04:35) Writing another letter home, Hawkeye writes about the chaplain, Father Mulcahy, who received confession from one of the doctors that he wasn’t really a doctor. (19:45) The chaplain pauses at that “doctor’s” table and makes a comment about his surgery work.

“Dear Dad…Again” (Season 1) (21:30) Hawkeye wrote about the “talent night” then scene goes to the chaplain playing the piano then him MCing the show.

“The Army-Navy Game” (Season 1) (01:00) As Radar is soliciting participants in a football pool, he stops at the chaplain’s tent, but Father Mulcahy says he has all the wealth he needs “in here,” referring to his Bible. (02:45) Father Mulcahy comes into LTC Blake’s office, where they’re listening to the game, with a Notre Dame pennant and proclaims, “how ’bout one for the gipper!” (24:05) When it’s announced that Father Mulcahy won the pool, Hawkeye and Trapper comment how he always wins and asks him who he knows, to which he just looks skyward…”

“The Army-Navy Game” (Season 1) (04:45) While bringing in causalties after a bomb attack, Father Mulcahy asks Houlihan and Burns if they’d seen his crucifix, stating that someone had yanked it off trying to break their fall.

“The Army-Navy Game” (Season 1) (11:05) As the chaplain is reading his Bible in his tent, Klinger comes in to talk to him.

“Ceasefire” (Season 1) (09:15) During the celebration in camp after hearing about a possible cease-fire, the chaplain offers a prayer.

“Showtime” (Season 1) (04:12) Father Mulcahy, while circulating in the OR, asks Trapper if he can be of any help, to which Trapper replied that he could pray that he becomes a better doctor in the next 5 minutes. Camera pans to chaplain as he looks on the surgery.

“Showtime” (Season 1) (07:07) Eating in the Mess Tent together, Hawkeye questions the chaplain about why he’s not eating, in response, the chaplain talks to Hawkeye about something that’s troubling him, and discusses their different callings-doctor vs. priest and whether he’s actually doing any good. (16:45) The chaplain is called to the OR when the doctors are baffled at a patient’s condition. He prays for him and almost immediately the patient starts doing better.

“Showtime” (Season 1) The chaplain is asked if it’s possible to bless a jeep, to which he replies, “consider it done.”

“5 O’Clock Charlie” (Season 2) (01:18) Chaplain counseling a Soldier who received a “Dear John” letter then is seen placing a bet on 5 O’Clock Charlie, with winnings going to the “Bible Fund.”

“5 O’Clock Charlie” (Season 2) (11:21) When the chaplain is almost hit by the general’s jeep, he says that he’ll just turn the other cheek.

“Radar’s Report” (Season 2) (02:30) While the chaplain is circulating in the OR (with his reconciliation stole on and prayer book in hand) an enemy Soldier-patient grabs a knife. The chaplain tries to calm him using a Chinese phrase he believes to mean “peace and friendship.”

“Kim” (Season 2) (20:30) When McIntyre finds himself in a mind field trying to save a Korean child, the chaplain runs up, Bible and Rosary in hand, and asks if there is anything he can do.

“Local Indigenous Personnel” (Season 2) (00:55) At the evening movie, the chaplain is seen awkwardly sitting between two couples making out.”

“Local Indigenous Personnel” (Season 2) (24:50) The chaplain performs a wedding ceremony for a Soldier and local Korean woman.

“Carry On, Hawkeye” (Season 2) (03:40) (& 09:00-12:00)  (19:00) (22:00-23:00) While circulating in the OR during a flu epidemic, the chaplain is asked to step in and help after another doctor collapses.

“Operation Noselift” (Season 2) (04:45-08:40) Unsure how to deal with a Soldier who keeps going AWOL, LTC Blake sends the Soldier to the chaplain who counsels with him then goes with him to the Swamp.

“Operation Noselift” (Season 2) (17:30) The chaplain is seen tossing ball with Radar, as part of the scheme to help another Soldier.

“Operation Noselift” (Season 2) (20:38, 21:02) The chaplain is involved in the search for a surgeon, offering Scripture for assistance.

“The Chosen People” (Season 2) (06:30) While the commander is dealing with a Korean family building a house in the MASH compound, the chaplain inquires as to whether they may be Catholic.

“The Chosen People” (Season 2) (17:30) The chaplain is seen eating with the commander, then is introduced by him to a visiting officer.

“The Chosen People” (Season 2) (24:30) The chaplain gives Bibles to the family a they load the truck and are moved off the camp.

“As You Were” (Season 2) (01:35) The chaplain interacts with the commander.

“As You Were” (Season 2) (03:15-04:35) Klinger visits the chaplain while he is washing his feet to seek counsel on getting a psycological discharge.

“As You Were” (Season 2) (16:00) The chaplain comes into the OR to see LTC Blake with a message from supply that they’re dangerously low on whole blood. LTC Blake directs the chaplain to organize donors.

“As You Were” (Season 2) (20:15) The chaplain circulates the OR taking meal orders.

“As You Were” (Season 2) (24:40) The chaplain is shown painting a cross on his door name plate.

“Crisis” (Season 2) (01:40) The chaplain was called to a meeting with the other officers to LTC Blake’s office.

“Crisis” (Season 2) (05:55) Assigned to be in charge of morale, the chaplain is leading a game of Bingo in the Mess Tent; (18:50) then is seen singing for a group in the Mess Tent.

“Crisis” (Season 2) (12:00) The chaplain comes into the Swamp after being assigned there to conserve heat. (15:54) The chaplain prays out loud before everyone goes to sleep, including a humorous prayer. (22:05) The chaplain encourages the group to quit bickering.

“George” (Season 2) (01:55 & 2:15) The chaplain inquires at Hawkeye’s and McIntyre’s operating tables about how they’re doing.

“George” (Season 2) (09:15) The chaplain misses a throw, and reports to Hawkeye on the score between the Protestants and the Catholics, then returns to the game and gets tackled.

“George” (Season ) (17:40) Hawkeye & McIntyre run into the chaplain on his way out of the shower and joke about using all of the “holy water” then have a conversation about becoming a priest.

“Mail Call” (Season 2) (14:55) The chaplain counsels McIntyre about him missing his family and being so far from home.”

“The General Flipped At Dawn” (Season 3) (01:36) The chaplain is in a staff meeting then excuses himself to go bless a goat cart.

“The General Flipped At Dawn” (Season 3) (11:04) Called out during inspection, the chaplain is ordered to get a shine on his cross.

“Rainbow Bridge” (Season 3) (3:00) The chaplain visits Hawkeye and Hunnicut with a “shopping list” for while they’re in Tokyo, then gives them a blessing for their trip.

“Rainbow Bridge” (Season 3) (8:00) The chaplain is on the medical transportation bus giving comfort aid to the patients.

“Rainbow Bridge” (Season 3) (17:50) The chaplain says a prayer for a group going on a dangerous mission.

“O.R.” (Season 3) (7:10) The chaplain comes into the OR and is requested at a table to write a letter home before he’s put under.

MASH Springtime wedding

From MASH, Season 3, Episode 6, “Springtime.”

“Springtime” (Season 3) (6:15) The chaplain gets Hawkeye to help with a patient he’s having trouble with.

“Springtime” (Season 3) (19:58-24:00) The chaplain performs a wedding ceremony over the phone for CPL Klinger.

“Life with Father” (Season 3) (2:18) The chaplain joins Pierce and Hunnicutt in the Mess tent and after joking with them a bit, receives mail from his sister, the sister.

“Life with Father” (Season 3) (5:20) Pierce and Hunnicutt discuss whether the chaplain can do a Jewish bris. (7:26) Korean mother requesting bris meets with the chaplain to find a Jewish chaplain. (14:05) Radar goes to the chaplain’s tent to tell him he thinks he found a Jewish chaplain. (15:05) While talking to the chaplain, Radar gets a call that there is a Jewish chaplain available on a ship who can perform the bris via “code.” (20:15-23:25) The chaplain is connected with the Jewish chaplain via radio while in the OR to perform the bris. (23:58) The chaplain reflects on the ceremony and his own concern for his sister (story thread below).

“Life with Father” (Season 3) (13:00) LTC Blake visits the chaplain to discuss his fear of his wife having an affair, but the chaplain is too involved in his own problem to listen. (14:47) The chaplain discusses with Radar the problem he’s having with his sister and asks about how he can get home.

“Alcoholics Unanimous” (Season 3) (06:15-08:35) The Chaplain is leading Mass in the Mess Tent, in Latin, with only CPL Klinger present. After service, Pierce and McIntyre come in to ask the chaplain for help with Frank removing their still, as he prepares for the Protestant Service.

“Alcoholics Unanimous” (Season 3) (15:25) MAJ Burns talks to the chaplain and asks him if he has any sermons on the “evils of drink” then requests him to write one and he’ll give an order for everyone to attend what would be called the “Temperance Lecture.” (19:44) CPL Klinger is helping the chaplain get ready, and the chaplain confesses how nervous he is to have such a large crowd, and has a drink. (21:25) The chaplain comes into the Mess Tent in full vestments and begins to give his sermon when it becomes obvious that he had been drinking (to relieve his nervousness).

“There is Nothing Like a Nurse” (Season 3) (15:30) The chaplain is at a table in the OR assisting in the absence of all of the nurses.

“Private Charles Lamb” (Season 3) (14:21) MAJ Burns goes to the chaplain’s tent to complain about the meal and festival Greek Soldiers are planning for the MASH unit. When the chaplain wasn’t there, he sat at his desk to write a note and was mistaken for the chaplain by a patient.

“Bombed” (Season 3) (05:47) The chaplain was in the latrine when it was hit when the camp was being bombed.

“Bombed” (Season 3) (14:20) LTC Blake discusses with the chaplain the inappropriateness of showing a war movie to take the Soldiers’ minds off of their being shelled.

Bombed” (Season 3) (21:05) Having local radio tuned in in the OR, Seoul City Sue is heard announcing that all of the GI’s wives are having affairs. The chaplain yells out, that it’s not true, not to believe it.

“Bulletin Board” (Season 3) Several scenes of the chaplain, one trying to break up a fight during a movie in the Mess Tent, the rest helping as a fundraiser for the local orphanage.

“The Consultant” (Season 3) (12:30) The chaplain is in the OR at one of the tables with his reconciliation stole and prayer book.

“House Arrest” (Season 3) (11:15) While in confinement awaiting court martial Pierce receives a visit and Red Cross package from the chaplain.

“House Arrest” (Season 3) (16:15) The chaplain gives a commentary on the movie, urging Pierce not to judge to harshly.

“Aid Station” (Season 3) (02:13) The chaplain is present at Officer’s Call in LTC Blake’s office when he is asked to draw an enlisted man’s name out of a hat because he could be trusted. (24:30) He is later at the officer’s table in the Mess Tent.

“Love and Marriage” (Season 3) (1:00) The chaplain is circulating in the OR and asks if he can be of assistance. (1:50) While in the OR, Pierce apologizes to the chaplain for a comment he made to which the chaplain asks, “what’s a tushy?”

“Payday” (Season 3) (1:00) On payday, the chaplain sets up for the orphanage rummage sale. (3:18) He is then in the background as MAJ Burns chastises Klinger for dressing like a woman on payday. (5:43) Still at the rummage sale table, the chaplain receives his pay from Radar and discusses what he has made for the orphanage so far. (9:07) The chaplain asks to join a poker game to make more money for the orphanage, then (13:37) announces that his coffers are empty and excuses himself to “curl up with the Good Book.”

“Payday” (Season 3) (17:10) The chaplain is playing the piano in the Officers’ Club, which is distracting Pierce, who offers him a large donation for the orphanage. (21:57) When it’s discovered the money was obtained illegally, Radar brings the chaplain to Pierce’s tent.

“White Gold” (Season 3) (01:20) As infiltrators enter the camp and pass the Chaplains tent (with crucifix seen through tent window) the chaplain is heard praying thanks to God for getting them through another day. (05:00) Hearing the commotion from the caught infiltrator, the chaplain comes out of his tent, distracting the infiltrator and allowing Klinger to catch him, (05:15) then is seen looking on, Bible open in hand, with the others. (18:20) When Flagg is caught stealing from the supply tent, the chaplain looks on, flashlight in hand, then urges them not to be too rough with him.

“Abbyssinia, Henry” (Season 3) (01:15) In the OR, the chaplain takes a turn playing “Name That Tune” humming a hymn (which nobody guesses) (12:13) then tries to lead everyone in singing it after LTC Blake hears that he’s going home.

“Abbyssinia, Henry” (Season 3) (19:37) LTC Blake, saying goodbye to the unit, speaks to the chaplain, calling him “Sky Pilot” and receives a blessing from the chaplain. (23:30) The chaplain is seen silently in shock when the news of LTC Blake’s death is announced.

“Welcome to Korea” (Season 4) (04:10) In formation, the chaplain challenges MAJ Burns on his assertion that they were 2 seconds slower forming up than the day before. (05:35) In the same formation, the chaplain questions the reasonableness one of MAJ Burns’ orders.

“Welcome to Korea” (Season 4) (27:48) MAJ Burns visits the chaplain in his tent and gives him some suggestions to add to his next sermon, then goes on complaining about he is being treated. When MAJ Burns told the chaplain that he looks forward to next Sunday, the chaplain replies, “I look forward to all of them!”

“Change of Command” (Season 4) (12:15) The new commander (COL Potter) meets the officers, speaking first to the chaplain and declaring him “clean.”

“Change of Command” (Season 4) (18:50) In the OR, after Hunnicut comments on a patient’s progress, the chaplain says a silent prayer.

“Hey, Doc” (Season 4) (00:49) The chaplain is playing poker with some of the other Soldiers & officers and confesses that he doesn’t have a prayer.

“Hey, Doc” (Season 4) (04:25) The chaplain enters the shower tent and talks to Radar and Klinger about the rumor about a sniper when the begin to get fired upon.

“Hey, Doc” (Season 4) (12:40) The chaplain talks to a visiting colonel about how good it is that he came to visit his wounded troops.

“Dear Mildred” (Season 4) (05:15) The chaplain has a brief conversation with Radar, (08:50) then with COL Potter who compliments his Sunday sermon then writes to Mildred a story about the chaplain’s response to the weekly movie breaking, singing a duet with one of the nurses.

“The Kids” (Season 4) (17:10) While Hunnicut is operating on a local pregnant woman, the chaplain asks if he can help, to which Nurse Cratty replies, everyone else has, might as well bring in the chairman of the board.

“The Kids” (Season 4) (19:15) At the request of COL Potter, the chaplain forcefully escorts MAJ Burns into the scrub room to prepare for surgery. Then (19:50) when he he hears the baby was delivered, offers a prayer, noticing Klinger participated asked him about being an atheist, to which Klinger replied that he gave it up for Lent.

“Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler” (Season 4) (02:00) The chaplain comes in while the doctors are preparing for surgery to also prep to assist. Discussion continues about a patient who claims to be Jesus Christ. (05:30) The chaplain enters the recovery room and tries to have a conversation with the patient. (15:35) When the Psychiatrist arrives, the chaplain is talking to the patient about biblical characters.

“Dear Peggy” (Season 4) (00:50) 1st Scene opens in the Officer’s Club with the chaplain playing the piano. (01:40) Then engages Hawkeye in conversation.

“Dear Peggy” (Season 4) (06:25) The chaplain comes into the recovery room and asks about a patient Hunnicut is caring for then goes on to express his concern about the Division Chaplain coming to camp for an inspection. (13:00) The Division Chaplain arrives to find the chaplain in the middle of a stuffed jeep that Hawkeye is getting a picture of to try to set a record.

“Dear Peggy” (Season 4) (14:01) The Mess Tent is converted into a chapel and is nearly full for a worship service the Division Chaplain is observing. After the closing hymn, the chaplain shares announcements then gives the benediction. After everyone leaves, the Division Chaplain offers guidance to the chaplain on how to improve his sermon.

“Dear Peggy” (Season 4) (19:10) Writing to his wife, Hunnicut mentions how the Division Chaplain is running the chaplain ragged then the camera pans to the chaplains in post-op as the Division Chaplain urges the chaplain to write a letter to the family of a patient while the chaplain urges patience to be sure the patient is fully recovered first. (21:35) Later, the Division Chaplain OK’s the letter the chaplain wrote, when Radar runs up and tells the chaplain the patient has taken a turn for the worse. (23:15) In the OR, the chaplain exclaims, “Why did I do it,” referring to the letter the Division Chaplain made him write. Later, the chaplain is outside of the OR praying for the Patient when the doctors come out and tell him the patient will probably pull through.

“Soldier of the Month” (Season 4) (06:40) The chaplain returns from Seoul with information about a mysterious fever the camp is fighting.

“Soldier of the Month” (Season 4) (19:10) Margaret brings the chaplain into the hospital where Frank is recovering from the fever, to take down Frank’s will.

“The Gun” (Season 4) (06:06) The chaplain is offering comfort on the bus of incoming patients when MAJ Burns yells at him for being in the way.

“The Gun” (Season 4) (12:55) When the chaplain comes into the Mess Tent, COL Potter asks him if he has a prayer for a revolver (having been told by Radar that it had disappeared). (21:25) After a gun shot is heard, Margaret opens the door of her tent and asks the chaplain if that was a shot she heard.

“Mail Call, Again” (Season 4) (04:15) While Radar is delivering the mail, he asks the chaplain a “religious” question, then listens as the chaplain shares news from his sister.

“Mail Call, Again” (Season 4) (20:24) When doing roll call before a home movie, COL Potter realizes he forgot the Chaplain and apologized, to which the chaplain replied, “…I’m often mistaken for being absent.”

“The Price of Tomato Juice” (Season 4) (04:55) MAJ Burns asks the chaplain what his hurry is (in the shower) then goes on to talk about the nurses taking long showers, describing their bodies… (06:20) then when the discussion shifts to MAJ Burns ordering tomato juice for COL Burns, the chaplain chimes in about like COL Potter, that he’s a good Christian.

“Dear Ma” (Season 4) (16:39) While examining the chaplains feet, Pierce and the chaplain discuss a variety of topics.

“Dear Ma” (Season 4) (20:28) The chaplain rushes into the OR to see if COL Potter is OK after being shot.

“Der Tag” (Season 4) (05:13) Scene with the chaplain playing poker with several others, being cautioned by Klinger not to get help from “the pit-boss in the sky” then continues with other conversation about where he learned to play poker.

“Der Tag” (Season 4) (09:55) The chaplain plays the piano in the MASH Officers’ Club.

“Some 38th Parallels” (Season 4) (01:30) The chaplain is helping bring patients from the OR to Post-Op, when Klinger equates Post-Op to a motel, beginning a conversation with the chaplain about the impropriety that takes place in motels. Then talks to the doctor about the reason for the abundance of casualties.

“The Novocaine Mutiny” (Season 4) (08:15) The chaplain is with others playing poker and in conversation. (13:25) MAJ Burns and Radar search the chaplain’s tent. (20:50) In MAJ Burn’s  imagination, the chaplain falls asleep ministering to a patient so he takes over. (22:15) Hawkeye instructs the chaplain to take over in Pre-Op.

“The more I See You” (Season 4) (17:20) The chaplain requests from the commander to return the shipment of Bibles he had received, saying there were several misprints, including one that read, “Thou shalt commit adultery.”

“Deluge” (Season 4) (04:20) The chaplain irrigates B.J.’s eyes after blood squirted in them during surgery. (05:42) A patient asks the chaplain to talk to him at his bedside in the recovery ward. (2o:45) The chaplain is in the kitchen eating with Hawkeye and B.J., discussing various topics.

“The Interview” (Season 4) (03:29) The chaplain answers questions from a reporter doing a story on the MASH unit, describing what he does as a chaplain. (12:20) The chaplain describes difficult situations in surgery. (14:24) The chaplain speaks of the contribution of women in the MASH unit. (20:12) The chaplain answers the reporters question about what he’d like to do after the war. (21:22) The chaplain says “hello” to his family. (24:52) The story ends with the chaplain saying, “I just pray that somehow it will all seem to make sense.”

“Bug Out” (Season 5) (01:20) The chaplain talks to Hawkeye and B.J. about his blessing the new new latrines.

“Bug Out”  (Season 5) (05:20) The chaplain enters the shower tent as COL Potter is singing an off-color song, then they discuss the rumor that they’re going to bug out.

“Bug Out” (Season 5) (34:50) The chaplain prays a blessing over the new MASH site.

“Lt. Radar O’Reilly” (Season 5) (06:05) When Radar delivers to the chaplain his mail, the chaplain laments that supply sent him Ritz Crackers when he ordered communion wafers.

“The Nurses” (Season 5) (01:11) The chaplain is in the OR with a baseball game on the radio and contributes to a conversation about the “Reds,” and continues throughout the scene about the tension in the OR.

“Dear Sigmund” (Season 5) (01:50) During a poker game, the chaplain is awaken and tells about a dream he was having. (12:20) MAJ Freeman writes about the chaplain and his ability to help Soldiers.

“Mulcahy’s War” (Season 5) This episode focuses on Father Mulcahy’s inability to relate to the patients that come through the MASH because he’s never been close to combat. Believing he needs to go to the front so that he can talk to the patients, he goes with Radar (against orders) to the front-line Aid Station and experiences more than he bargained for.

“The Korean Surgeon” (Season 5) (10:45) The chaplain helps load patients onto the bus and wishes them a good journey.

“The Colonel’s Horse” (Season 5) (16:40) The chaplain encounters Hawkeye helping Col Potter’s horse and encourages him for doing good and offers to pray. The sticks around and provides passive assistance.

“The Colonel’s Horse” (Season 5) (22:40) The chaplain is present in the middle of the night when Hawkeye performs surgery on Margaret.

“Exorcism” (Season 5) (5:00) A patience notices the chaplain before being put under for surgery and tells he lost his St. Christopher medal and the chaplain assured him he would get him another one. (8:00) He later comes into the Colonel’s office with the medal, having missed the soldier before he left. (10:50) The soldier comes back to the hospital in a military ambulance and the chaplain regrets not getting him his medal before he left. Later, the chaplain explains about the Korean superstitions about jumping in front of moving vehicles. (22:45) The chaplain walks out with the soldier and the soldier reminds him about the medal.

“Exorcism” (Season 5) (5:45) When asked for an explanation for what was happening at the MASH, the chaplain referred to a comment by one of his seminary professors. Later, he explains Korean religious beliefs.

“Exorcism” (Season 5) (8:15) When Klinger comes in with superstitious remedy’s the Chaplain offers his opinion.

“Exorcism” (Season 5) (19:15 and following) The chaplain enters the operating room with the Col to observe the “exorcism” and contributes to the conversation about it.

“Hawk’s Nightmare” (Season 5) (2:20) The chaplain is seen in post-op reading the Bible to a patient/soldier.

“Hawk’s Nightmare” (12:45) The chaplain is playing the piano in the officer’s club. (18:25) The chaplain is with several others at night, playing poker.

“The Most Unforgettable Characters” (Season 5) (8:55) Radar asks the chaplain for an interesting anecdote for his writing course.

“38 Across” (Season 5) (6:45) The chaplain is asked the answer for a crossword puzzle, then a short time later says grace for his meal.

“38 Across” (Season 5) (18:40) The chaplain runs into pre-op announcing there was an explosion with many civilian casualties, then a short time later is called to help take in a child. Later is in the operating room and is able to communicate with one of the civilian casualties. (20:35) The chaplain is in the DFAC taking care of the baby.

“Ping Pong” (Season 5) (22:15 and following) The chaplain explains the elements of a Buddhist wedding ceremony to Colonel Potter during the ceremony.


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