TCK-EDU-4: Supervising a DRGL

This 30-minute block of instruction was presented at the monthly UMT training at Fort Wainwright, Alaska by Chaplain (MAJ) Daryl Densford in February 2020. In it, Chaplain Densford provides an overview of supervising a Distinctive Religious Group Leader to include assessing the need, DRGL qualifications, the application packet and criteria for removing a DRGL.

Note that this presentation just hits the wave tops of DRGL recruitment, application and supervision so the following documents (in addition to AR 165-1, paragraph 5-5) will be valuable if/when you need more detailed information. Additionally, the slides that go along with the presentation can be downloaded here.

DRGL Processing Instructions, FY18

Individual Critical Task 805-D-56A-6403, Supervise Distinctive Religious Group Leaders (22 May 2017)

World Religions and Advisement Smart Book: 2020, United States Army Chaplain Center and School

Sample DRGL Position Description





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