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Army Wives (2007-2013, GWOT)

“A Tribe is Born” (Season 1, Episode 1) (00:17:41) An Army wife seeks counsel from a chaplain in front of the Post Chapel. As she’s leaving, she is accused by another wife of seducing the chaplain.

“One of Our Own” (Season 1, Episode 4) (00:11:58) A chaplain comes to a home where a wife is being comforted after hearing of a downed Blackhawk in Iraq. This scene, however, shows that the military consultant for the series was paid way too much for his services. The chaplain is in uniform with no jacket, which is fine but his cross is on his left breast pocket flap instead of centered over his ribbons. A simple Google search would show the correct placement of the cross!

“Independence Day” (Season 1, Episode 5) (00:40:15) Chaplain leads coffin of dead Soldier into cemetery, though he doesn’t appear in the remainder of the graveside ceremony.

“Dirty Laundry” (Season 1, Episode 10) (00:38:40) Chaplain at the dedication ceremony of a memorial garden. He is shown by the podium just before it begins, but isn’t seen again.

“Truth and Consequences” (Season 1)

“Great Expectations” (Season 2, Episode 12) (00:29:00-00:34:08) Couple goes to counseling with the chaplain in his office at the chapel, though the chaplain allows them to argue with out much guidance. (Errors noted: the name on the chaplains desk has “LTC (CH) Brian James” which is incorrect for Army, and the chaplain doesn’t have the cross on the left side of his Class-B shirt, though he does have the Chaplain Corps Regimental crest on his right side).

“Thicker Than Water” (Season 2)

“Collateral Damage” (Season 4) (04:35) Brief shot of chaplain wearing stole in Army ER in Iraq praying for wounded Soldiers.


From season 4 of “Army Wives, episode 13, “Army Strong.”

“Army Strong” (Season 4) (17:48) General’s wife meets with chaplain in his office for counselling. Scene begins with shot of Chaplain Corps regimental crest.

“Movement to Contact” (Season 5) (40:15) Military vehicle approaches with a CNO and Chaplain getting out and approaching the wives. Episode ends without identifying who they were coming to see.

“On Behalf of a Grateful Nation” (Season 5) (00:00) Episode begins at a Memorial Service with the chaplain leading. (01:30) Next scene is of the casket being carried to the grave site with the chaplain following. (07:20) The chaplain is briefly seen to the side as the honor guard finishes folding the flag from the casket. (10:30) Episode continues with the CNO and chaplain arriving and looking for one of the wives who they take into the house (with some of the other wives). The chaplain doesn’t say anything in this scene but stands by. (32:50) The episode returns to the Memorial Service, with chaplain leading service. (36:15) The chaplain provides a final prayer at the graveside service.

“Walking Wounded” (Season 5) (37:44) The Sherwoods have their baby “christened” at the post chapel where the chaplain has a small part in the scene.

“Supporting Arms” (Season 5) (09:40, 11:06) The Sherwood’s attend a grief support group led by the post chaplain.

“Non-Combatants” (Season 6) (32:35) The chaplain leads a memorial service for an Army wife who committed suicide.

“Tough Love” (Season 6) (31:53) Denise Sherwood seeks counsel from the chaplain in the chapel about what she’s going through after killing her attacker.


Combat (1962-1967, WW2)

“The Chapel at Able-Five” (Season 5) A German chaplain pretends to be British when he encounters an American Soldier blinded in combat, so that he can get his help transporting a wounded German Soldier.


Combat Hospital (2011, OEF)

“Hells Bells” (Season 1)

“Brothers in Arms” (Season 1)

“Do No Harm” (Season 1)


Crossroads (1955, Korean War)

The-Good-Thief-Kaupan“The Good Thief” (Season 1, Episode 8, 25 November 1955) The story of Catholic Chaplain Emil Kaupan who was “tortured by his Red Chinese captors when he refuses to stop ministering to this fellow prisoners of war.”


Designated Survivor (2016- )

“The Oath” (Season 1) (about 00:35) During a White House press conference, the press secretary mentions that a Colonel (name) would take part in the Vice President’s swearing in ceremony and noted that the COL was the VP-elects “pastor” when he was in the Army.


Ghost Whisper (2005-2010)

Pilot (Season 1) Army Chaplain


Gomer Pyle, USMC (1964-1969, Cold War)

“Gomer the Peacemaker” (Season 2) (XX:XX) The chaplain helps Gomer help Sergeant Carter mend a broken relationship which leads to Gomer’s suspicion that Sergeant Carter is going to commit suicide.

“Gomer, the Would-Be Hero” (Season 2)

“To Watch a Thief” (Season 4)

“The Short Voyage Home” (Season 5) (00:42) The chaplain isn’t in this scene, but when Gomer Pyle goes to see Sgt. Carter about a problem, Carter tells him (at 01:13), “well don’t bother me, go talk to the chaplain.”

“Goodbye Camp Henderson, Hello SGT. Carter” (Season 5) (11:00) The chaplain isn’t in this scene but when Sgt. Carter calls to see where Gomer Pyle’s transfer originated, he got off the phone and told Duke, “it was an urgent request from the Chaplain’s office. It was sent to the Colonel and he approved it.” When Duke asked why it came from the Chaplain’s office, Sgt. Carter said it was because it came from Pyle.


Hogan’s Heroes (1965-1971, WW2)

“Praise the Fuhrer and Pass the Ammunition” (Season 2). There is no chaplain appearing in or referred to in this episode but is mentioned here because of its play on the rumored statement of Navy Chaplain Howell Forgy while on the USS New Orleans during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” Subsequently, this statement became the title of a war-time song by Frank Loesser and published in 1942.


JAG (1995-2005)

“The character of Chaplain Turner (whose preaching ability is complimented by characters in different episodes) forms an homage to one of the first and best known of African-American civil war chaplains personally appointed by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. Rev. Henry McNeal Turner (1833-1915) was known as “the Negro Spurgeon” (an allusion to Charles Haddon Spurgeon known as the “prince of preachers”) and later became a bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.” (From INDb)

“Impact” (Season 3) (00:14:00) Brief shot of chaplain at graveside service.

“With Intent to Die” (Season 3) (00:04:25) Navy chaplain reading Scripture and speaking at the funeral of a Navy admiral.

“Innocence” (Season 4) (00:01:45-00:03:40) Softball game between JAG and the (Navy) Chaplain Corps, whose team is named “God Squad.” When the game is interrupted, then ended, by a call from the SECNAV about an incident in Japan, a chaplain promises to pray for the subject and the victim. It appears that chaplain may have been the Navy Chief of Chaplains since he called the JAG admiral “AJ.”

“Angels 30” (Season 4) (00:19:55) Scene in ship’s chapel begins with pilot praying.

“Angels 30” (Season 4) (00:23:30) Rabb & Mac talk to the ship’s chaplain about the voice the pilot says he heard. The chaplains also talks about a chaplain’s calling.

“Angels 30” (Season 4) (00:28:38) Rabb goes into the ship’s chapel and finds the chaplain talking to a pilot in front of the altar.

“Nobody’s Child” (Season 4) (00:15:30) Chaplain performs graveside service for murdered child.

“Goodbyes” (Season 4) (00:26:25, 27:00, 27:30, 28:24, ) Chaplain performing baptism for newly born baby of two Navy officers.

“The Princess and the Petty Officer” (Season 6) (00:08:57) A Muslim chaplain (LT. Bin Rasheed) from Norfolk arrives to visit a Muslim princess while being interviewed by Mac. (00:10:30 & 00:17:48 & 00:27:08) Chaplain Bin Rasheed appears in court with the princess. (00:19:20) The chaplain speaks to the court about Islamic law pertaining marriage. (00:21:00) The chaplain confers with Mac about the case with the Muslim princess.

“Miracles” (Season 6) Much of this episode involves the work of a Vietnam chaplain (Chaplain Walter Wiggins) and alleged miracles that resulted from his intercession.  (00:00:35) In the midst of a fire-fight when a patrol came under fire while walking through a village in Vietnam, the chaplain goes to wounded/dying Marines under fire. (00:07:45) Later, a Marine describes the event to Harm.

“Salvation” (Season 6) This episode continues the story from “Miracles” involving a Marine chaplain in Vietnam whose valiant ministry in war and alleged miracles through prayer after his death interact with a Marine charged with murder.

“Adrift: Part 1” (Season 6) (00:13:10) The Navy Chief of Chaplains arrives at the church for Mac’s wedding rehearsal, (00:14:12) and leads the rehearsal.

“Adrift: Part 1” (Season 6) (00:37:15) While at the rehearsal dinner, after hearing about Harm’s plane going down, the Navy Chief of Chaplain prays for safety.

“Answered Prayers” (Season 7) (XX:XX) CDR Turner talks to Rabb about the influence of his chaplain-father on his up-bringing. (23:20) Chaplain Turner visits his son at the JAG office and talks to Admiral Chegwidden about the influence of chaplains and the meaning of Christmas.

“Answered Prayers” (Season 7) (31:30) A news report interviews a chaplain who arranged to have the reindeer that were being protected by the military released into his custody for 1 night (on Christmas Eve).

“Answered Prayers” (Season 7) (36:35) The officers from the JAG office attend the Christmas Eve service led by Chaplain Turner.

“Port Chicago” (Season 7) (02:25) Chaplain Turner visits Admiral Chegwidden about a sailor involved in the Port Chicago explosion who is suing the government over the explosion. (24:08) Chaplain Turner has dinner with his son (a JAG officer) and discusses the discrimination of the WW2 Navy. (34:15) Chaplain Turned testifies in the court-martial about racism in the Navy during WW2. (42:45) Chaplain Turner performs a graveside service for a deceased black sailor who didn’t receive military honors because of his dishonorable discharge following the Port Chicago affair.

“Each of Us Angels” (Season 8) (06:10) A Navy chaplain is seen on deck and in the morgue  (07:30) giving Last Rites to dead and dying Marines who had fought on Iwo Jima. (21:10) The chaplain visits patients in the medical ward of the ship and spends time talking to one in particular. (30:45) The chaplain encourages doctor then kneels to give Last Rites to Marine who just died. (41:20) The chaplain comes upon a group surrounding a nurse who had just died and provides “presence.”

“Posse Comitatus” (Season 9) (23:10) Chaplain Turner (Ret) comes in to the JAG office to consult with his son on a conscientious objector case. (26:20) Chaplain Turner testifies as a subject matter expert in a case being tried by his son and speaks to his son’s underlying spiritual doubts, as well. (36:40) Chaplain Turner and his son discuss the case and faith with his son over dinner.

“A Merry Little Christmas” (Season 9) (06:55) Chaplain Turner visit Admiral Chegwidden at the JAG offices for him to ask the chaplain to perform his wedding. (13:00) Chaplain Turner leaves the JAG office with his son. (15:00) Chaplain Turner goes to a club with his son to see a musical artist the son just met.

“A Merry Little Christmas” (Season 9) (33:45) The staff of JAG, and many others, attend the Christmas Eve service led by Chaplain Turner. (38:01) After the service, Chaplain Turner discusses with some of the staff the difficulty of being away from family at Christmas.

“Good Intentions” (Season 9) (04:00) When LTC Mackenzie goes to the brig to talk to a Sailor she’s defending, she finds a chaplain visiting him. (05:54) When LTC Mackenzie is leaving the brig, the chaplain talks to her about the Sailor. (10:57) The chaplain accompanies the Sailor’s wife to talk to LTC Mackenzie. (25:10) LTC Mackenzie visits the chaplain in his office to confront him about the guidance he gave to the Sailor. (38:00) LTC Mackenzie and Rabb confront the chaplain about his murdering a Sailor.

“Coming Home” (Season 9) (00:57) A Navy chaplain and CNO is seen arriving at the home of a Marine KIA. (20:25) An Air Force Chaplain is present and prays when the remains of a Marine KIA arrives at Dover AFB. (38:38) A Navy chaplain leads a graveside service for a Marine KIA.


Madam Secretary (2014- )

“Requiem” (Season 5) (00:35) In a flashback to WW2, an officer and chaplain visit a pilot’s spouse at home to deliver a letter from the Secretary of War about the pilot’s death.

“Valor” (Season 6) (00:38) A chaplain is briefly shown performing the graveside service at Arlington National Cemetery for a deceased MoH recipient.


Major Dad (1989-1993, Cold War)

“Lemon” (Season 1) (14:45) Lt. Holowachuk mentions to Major MacGillis how he had gone to see the chaplain with a problem and he helped him, suggesting that the major should go see him. Later in the episode (16:45) the chaplain goes to the family’s home and successfully counsels them.

“The People’s Choice, Part 2” (Season 4) (16:45) Major MacGillis and Gunny discuss their problems with their fathers and Gunny mentions having sought counsel from Chaplain Phillips and received advice.


M*A*S*H (1972-1983, Korean War)

Because the television series “M*A*S*H” has a chaplain as a prominent character which appears in many of the episodes (213 out of 251), it has been given its own page here.


Once an Eagle (TV Mini-series, 1976, WW1-WW2)

(Part 3) (14:21) Chaplain Peterson baptizes Sam & Tommy’s baby.


The Phil Silvers Show (1955-1959, Cold War)

“New Recruits” (Season 1) (00:07:00) While SGT Bilko and the 2 corporals are lamenting what Bilko lost playing poker, the chaplain comes in and counsels him about his gambling. Later (00:15:50), the chaplain is seen trying to convince the commander to better occupy Bilko so permanent-party gambling can be reduced. (00:18:00) One of the new recruits mentioned how the chaplain told them about SGT Bilko (thinking a warning) but later discovers the chaplain told them they could always trust SGT Bilko. (00:24:55) Chaplain visits SGT Bilko to see how he’s doing.

“The Boxer” (Season 1) (00:22:00) After Bilko works up anger in the boxers to get them to fight, they come in reconciled, followed by the chaplain who explains how he found them “with bitterness and hatred in their hearts” and that he helped them to get along, thus, once again, spoiling Bilko’s plan to win a bet.

“The Hoodlum” (Season 1) (00:04:02) The CO talks to the chaplain about disciplining a Soldier as the chaplain urges the colonel to give him one more chance. (00:20:39) Chaplain later observes said Soldier working hard, unknowingly as a result of Bilko’s scheming, and discusses with Bilko how he got him to straighten up. (00:24:15) CO and chaplain come in to the barracks and award the reformed Soldier, “Soldier of the Month.”

“The Eating Contest” (Season 1) (00:17:20) CPL Henshaw came in without “The Stomach” and told SGT Bilko he was so sad he suggested he talk to the chaplain. The chaplain and “The Stomach” then comes in with him in a good mood after talking to the chaplain. (00:23:25) Chaplain comes in at end of the eating contest with “The Stomach’s” old girlfriend and the cashbox with the gambling money, convincing SGT Bilko to give it to the new couple.

“Dinner at Sowici’s” (Season 1) (02:00) The chaplain leads a wedding ceremony which includes a message to the bride and groom. (09:13) The chaplain comes in and tells Sgt. Bilko that he needs to talk to him and scares him off, thinking he wan’ts to talk about marriage. He later (09:56) comes in with the same comment and scares off Doberman.

“Bilko and the Beast” (Season 1) (23:54) Sgt Bilko talks to the chaplain to ensure he doesn’t give away Bilko’s scheme to get rid of another Sgt.

“Bilko’s Engagement” (Season 2) (09:00) When the chaplain hears about SGT Bilko’s accidental engagement, he offers suggests for the wedding ceremony.

“It’s For the Birds” (Season 2) (00:03:50) SGT Bilko tries to enlist the chaplain to be a contestant on “The $64,000 question” by asking him questions about the Bible.


Scene from The Phil Silvers Show, “Mink Incorporated.” Notice the sign in the top left of the screen.

“Mink Incorporated” (Season 2) (00:00:00) At a meeting of the platoon, there is visible behind M/SGT Bilko a sign that reads: “Have you seen the Chaplain this week?”

“Rock ‘n Roll Rookie” (Season 2) (02:10) When showing an aerial view of “Fort Baxter,” the chapel is clearly visible.

“Rock ‘n Roll Rookie” (Season 2) (20:27) The chaplain addresses the choir, many of whom he says he doesn’t see much in chapel.

“Bilko Buys a Club” (Season 3) (24:05) The chaplain comes to Sgt. Bilko’s office to talk to him about the “Old Soldiers Home” he was using as a cover for a club.

“Bilko Retires from Gambling” (Season 3) (15:47) The chaplain talks to another officer and explains how he hasn’t been able to come up with a topic for Sunday’s sermon since there has been any gambling or other shenanigans that Sgt. Bilko usually instigated.

“Bilko and the Chaplain” (Season 4)

“The Colonel’s Promotion” (Season 4)

“Bilko the Butler” (Season 4)


Space: Above and Beyond (1995-1996, Future)

“Stay with the Dead” (Season 1)

“The Angriest Angel” (Season 1)

“Stardust” (Season 1)

“Sugar Dirt” (Season 1)


The Unit (2006-2009, GWOT)

“Play 16” (Season 3)

“Gone Missing” (Season 3)


The West Wing (1999-2006)

The West Wing Navy Chaplain at Arlington

From “The West Wing,” Episode 10, “In Excelsis Deo.”

“In Excelsis Deo” (Season 1, Episode 10) (00:41:31) A Navy chaplain leads a graveside service at Arlington for a homeless Korean War veteran. The chaplain is seen by the hearse, walking in front of the casket, and standing at the head of the casket while the flag is being folded.

“Take This Sabbath” (Season 1, Episode 14) While this episode does not have a chaplain portrayed in it, so, therefore, is outside of the scope of this page, it does bring in clergy members as advisers to the President and his staff. This episode displays the struggle faced when confronted with an ethical or moral dilemma which has consequences regardless of the decision. It also brings in the role of faith/religion in forming the foundation for a sound moral decision.

“The Dover Test” (Season 6, Episode 6) (00:13:15) Following the death of an American soldier on a peacekeeping mission, the White House Chief of Staff (C. J. Craig) asks a general in the Situation Room, “Did a chaplain contact Lieutenant Godfrey’s father yet?” to which the general replies, “Yes, Ma’am, the chaplain joined the casualty assistance officer at the family home last night.”



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