Operation Iraqi Freedom

OIF Chaplain Bill Devine

Chaplain Bill Devine blesses Cpl. Nick Scyoc during a Catholic Mass for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force at Life Support Area 7 in the Kuwaiti desert south of Iraq on Sunday, Feb. 23, 2003. (AP Photo/Laura Rauch)

OIF Chaplain

Chaplain Matthew Gibson blesses Soldiers before combat near Kuwait-Iraq border (photo from http://dukemagazine.duke.edu/article/the-warriors)

Navy chaplain Lt. Carey Cash

Navy chaplain Lt. Carey Cash delivered a sermon during a Field Expeditionary Service to Marines in 97-degree temperatures at a tactical assembly area near Camp Coyote in northern Kuwait in March 2003 before heading across the Iraqi border for war. (photo by Cheryl Diaz Meyer for the Dallas Morning News)

OIF Chaplain Service

31 March 2003. Chaplain leads worship service somewhere in the Iraqi Desert (Photo from https://jaker26.wordpress.com/page/3/)


Chaplain Mark Nordstrom leading Palm Sunday service, 13 April 2003 at Saddam’s Northern Airport Palace Complex (later, Camp Victory). They had to sweep the glass and marble out of the way with palm branches (a result of the precise JDAM’s). (Photo courtesy of Chaplain (COL) Mark Nordstrom (Ret).)


“After receiving their Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in Iraq, (from left) Sgt. Sarah Adams, Spc. James Neal, and Spc. David Sims were given quilts by Fort Richardson chaplain Lt. Col. Gerald Bebber Dec. 17, 2007. The quilts were sent from the Quilt of Valor Foundation, as “a gift from the American people,” Bebber said. The foundation, based in Delaware, has given more than 14,000 quilts to soldiers wounded in action in Iraq and Afghanistan” (photo by Craig Medred, Alaska Dispatch News).

Sparrowhawk Worship Service

Chaplain (CPT) Daryl Densford, 3-159 ARB, conducting worship service at Sparrowhawk FARP, 21 Aug 2008.

Muslim Chaplain Raheem

Army Chaplain (Maj.) Ibraheem Raheem leads Muslim soldiers in prayers Aug. 29, 2008, at Camp Victory, Iraq. Raheem is one of only six Muslim chaplains in the Army, and is the only one currently deployed in Iraq. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. David Turner, Mulinational Division Center

Chaplain Daryl Densford

Chaplain (CPT) Daryl Densford visiting Soldiers of 3-159 ARB at Garry Owen FARP in eastern Iraq on Thanksgiving weekend in 2008.

chaplain haltom

U.S. Air Force Capt. David Haltom, a chaplain, provides spiritual guidance to an airman on Balad Air Base, Iraq, March 3, 2009. Chaplains accompany troops during operations around the world and provide them with various types of support.

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