Spanish-American War


New York National Guard Chaplain, 1890’s.


Chaplain Brown

“Chaplain Brown of the ‘Rough Riders’ Preaching to the Regiment.” Notice Theodore Roosevelt to the right. (Author’s collection)


Chaplain Brown

Chaplain Brown with other staff of the “Rough Riders.”


1st Heavies worship at Fort Warren

Chaplain, 1st Mass Coast Artillery (“1st Heavies”) at Fort Warren, Mass., gather for Sunday Church Services, 1898.


  1. Dee Ann Davis

    I was told that my grandfather, Reverend Dr. John Wellington Ferris, served as chaplain under Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, but have been unable to confirm it.
    Can you suggest a source that could confirm that for me?
    I’ve searched for “chaplains under Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders”, with no success.
    I thank you for any help you might provide.


    • Hello, thanks for contacting The Chaplain Kit!

      I did a quick search and was not able to find a Chaplain Ferris in the official Chaplain Corps history books, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t serve under Roosevelt.

      I would suggest you request his Official Military Personnel File from the National Archives. It should include the units he served with and when.

      You can begin the request at -service-records


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