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The Chaplain Kit is Growing…but needs your help!

I hope that you have enjoyed what The Chaplain Kit has been offering. In the six years since I created The Chaplain Kit, I have strived to add new content as often as I could to make The Chaplain Kit more valuable for people interested in military chaplaincy and chaplain history.

One of the exciting things happening with The Chaplain Kit this month is that we’re major improvements on the YouTube channel. With the addition of new video series like Chaplains in Chapels Drinking Coffee and On This Day in Chaplain Corps History The Chaplain Kit is regularly producing media for you to learn about chaplain history and provide resources for you to use to tell the chaplain story.

But it takes time to fully develop a YouTube channel, time and subscribers. With more subscribers to The Chaplain Kit’s YouTube channel, more features will become available that will better enhance what we are able to do to provide meaningful content for you and to a broader audience of people interested in chaplain history. Would you consider visiting and subscribing to it? If you don’t want to be bothered with notifications, you can turn them off, but by subscribing you will help The Chaplain Kit become more effective sharing content about chaplain history and the military chaplain’s impact on the service members they have served throughout history.

You can find The Chaplain Kit YouTube channel here.

Thank you for helping us serve you better!



Chaplains Go

Just in case you didn’t see it on the Facebook page, here’s The Chaplain Kit’s latest video:




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