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Army Chaplain, His Daughter, A Letter

Chaplain (LTC) Robert C. Young

An interesting essay written in 1967 by the 16-year-old daughter of an Army Chaplain deployed to Vietnam. It gives insight into the possible roles available to women in that era. From the 1967 News Release: 

QUI NHON, RVN—U. S. Army Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Robert C. Young (wife, Betty L., … Stockton, Calif.), serving with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 58th Field Depot, received a letter from his 16 year-old daughter, Lynn, a Stagg High School junior in Stockton, Calif., who included a civics class paper that revealed her thoughts on the Vietnam crisis.

Titled “The American Woman’s Role in the Vietnam War,” the article gave Chaplain Young pause for thought.

“I was very surprised that any teenage American student, even my daughter, would be so moved by present world troubles to think at length about them,” reflects the 38 year-old chaplain.

“I am very proud to know some of America’s youth are thinking about their relationship to the world, and wish to put their thoughts into meaningful action,” continues the World War II veteran.

To express her thoughts and bare her emotions, Lynn wrote the following article:

Follow this link to read the article . . .



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