Make 1944 a Record Year!

Chaplains have always found ways to remind their Soldiers, Sailors, Marines or Airmen about worship services. During WW2, one chaplain used these “Greeting” cards with a calendar to encourage attendance.

Likely distributed by the chaplain around Christmas 1943, this folded card includes a couple of verses and an invitation to attend Chapel Services. There is also an invitation to see the chaplain with any problems the Soldier may have. The inside includes a 1944 calendar to check off Sunday worship attendance as well as communion participation with the encouragement to “make 1944 a record year” and is pre-signed by the chaplain, Gilbert Johnstone (author’s collection).



You can see more items that chaplains gave to Service Members on this page.

About Daryl Densford

I am an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene serving as an active-duty Army Chaplain. I am currently an ethics instructor at the U.S. Army Aviation School at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

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  1. I have a friend who will be very interested in this website. Excellent posts.

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  2. Jon Groninger

    what was the size of this card? If It’s alright I would like to try to reproduce for our Battle of the Bulge reenactment.


    • Reproduce away (as far as I’m concerned)! The size is: 6 3/4″ long x 2 1/16″ wide. The fold isn’t exactly in half, but has a 1/4″ overhang on the bottom where “NINETEEN FORTY FOUR” is printed. The short half of the fold (top, with “Greetings from your chaplain) is 3 1/4″ making the long half (bottom) 3 1/2”. So, opened (unfolded) the inside has on the left “make 1944 a record year” and on the right the verses and invitation. On the other side, the calendar and blank space is on the left with “Greetings…” on the right. Clear as mud?


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