Current Issue

Current Issue Chaplain Kits

The current kit is the lightest and most portable to date. It comes in two nylon cases, though I combined mine into one case for ease of transport (a 200-round SAW pouch, for those interested). It comes with everything necessary to perform a worship service with the celebration of Communion.

As the uniform camouflage patterns have changed, so have the patterns on the chaplain kit carriers. Also, there are patterns to match the camouflage pattern of the different services. Here are a few of the patterns:

Chaplain Kit carrier

The earliest of this style was a solid green (author’s collection).

War in the desert created the need for the desert camouflage pattern (author’s collection).

Woodland pattern (author’s collection).

For the Air Force, there is the Digital Tiger Stripe Camouflage pattern (author’s collection).


Above is the current issue chaplain kit in the Woodland Camouflage pattern. Notice the cross is Protestant and Catholic (author’s collection).

Christian Chaplain Kit

Current issue Christian Chaplain kit with everything that is included but with the old-style olive drab cases. The cross is reversible for Protestant or Roman Catholic chaplains (Photo from the Army DLA website).


Roman Catholic Ministry Extender Kit

Ministry Extender kit for Roman Catholics. Designed for non-priests to lead Catholic worship (author’s collection).

Army Chap Kit-Orthodox

Current-Issue Orthodox Chaplain Kit

Muslim Chaplain Kit

Current-issue Muslim Chaplain Kit


Muslim chaplain kit on display at the U.S. Army Chaplain Museum, Fort Jackson, SC (photo: Daryl Densford).

Jewish chaplain kit

Current-issue Jewish Chaplain Kit (This one isn’t mine, though I’ve got two of them in BDU carriers)

  1. Andres Redondo

    Do you know where I can get a hold of a Protestant Chaplain Kit? I’m asking for a friend of mine for his ministry. We are both former Army Soldiers although I am a retired Supply Sergeant and he was a Chaplain’s Assistant. Thank you.


    • Andres: They sometimes come up for auction on Ebay or other auction sites. Occasionally you see them in antique/collectible stores but by chance. The current ones can be purchased by military units through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Sometimes you also find them on militaria forums in a “for sale or trade” page. The current kits don’t come up for sale as often, since their often still being used. The Vietnam-era kit is more frequently available. -Daryl


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